Comments about Symphony of Light and Shadows

1999 Composition Contest Reading by Marin Symphony

"Symphony of Light and Shadows by Valarie Morris is exactly that ... a wonderfully orchestrated mood piece with some very delicate touches. I hear echoes of Gershwin and Copland and some gentle jazz. Write another one, Valarie!"

Gerald Mueller, Professor of Music, City College of San Francisco

"I loved Symphony of Light and Shadows. The vitality and freshness in the orchestral form was challenging and pleasing to this listener. As an artist who works with the full spectrum of color, Valarie Morris translated this medium using the musical form with the full range of tonal possibilities produced by the instruments of the orchestra. When her piece was over, I only wished that I could have heard again immediately so that I could appreciate it even more."

Frank Montoro, concert-goer

"A combination of interesting melodies, harmony, and orchestration made this a pleasing and interesting piece."

Ward Spangler, percussionist playing in Marin Symphony performance

"Listening to Symphony of Light and Shadows is like floating in an effervescent dreamscape. Layers of sound unfold like a lotus blooming in a still pond, stunningly beautiful, luscious, sensuous. It's as if watching a giant watercolorist splash colors across a huge canvas. The music feels like biting into the delicious pears, tangy apples, sweet strawberries of my youth."

Tina Murch, concert-goer

"Valarie Morris' Symphony of Light and Shadows had a freshness and peacefulness that was distinctly different and which separated it from the other compositions that were played by the Marin Symphony Orchestra at their composer's competition."

Edward Dierauf, concert-goer

"I enjoyed listening to Symphony of Light and Shadows. It was very moving and varied. I hope I can hear it performed by an orchestra who has had time to work on the shading and nuances that the selection deserved. Thank you for a wonderful addition to the world of music."

Gwyn Lister, concert-goer

"I certainly enjoyed the Symphony of Light and Shadows. It conveyed a brightness and sparkling quality with a depth of harmony that was engaging throughout the piece. I felt I was immersed in a panorama of Spring."

Dollie Mercedes, concert-goer

"The listener's attention is captured by mood changes and modulations which sustain a tension that is finally resolved—a journey is ended."

Adele Neri, multi-instrumentalist/performer/educator

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