TransFormations is an eclectic collection of compositions by Valarie Morris recorded in the studio of Skyblue Productions using synthesized sounds.

Cover art Beth Lewis

The moods of the compositions on TransFormations range
from humorous to serious, if moods fit on such a spectrum.
Take your mind on a trip and explore images of your own creation.

What's On This Album?

If you like bells, flutes, and percussion, you'll like TransFormations. And if a happy accordion waltz makes you smile and circuses tickle your fancy, TransFormations is for you! Some titles on this album:

  • Overcast play
  • Fourths
  • Sunday 1 play
  • Funk
  • Do a Duet play
  • Good Morning, Rachel play
  • Tante Suzanne play
  • CounterBounder
  • Improv 2 play
  • OutZone
  • Waltz play
  • Contortions
  • Between Time play
  • African Island play
  • Tango 1 play
  • Shabbat

Tante Suzanne

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All recordings are protected by copyright and
require permission from Sandscape Publications for use.

TransFormations is available as a CD and as a cassette.
Sheet music is also available for many compositions on this album.

You can hear music of acoustic instruments on our other albums:
reeding between the lines and CircumVention

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